Winona Richards

Upon learning that San was going to be a photographer at a group shoot I attended last Saturday, I got in contact with him so we could discuss ideas for what we would shoot on the day. Unfortunately the group shoot was so busy that we only got a quick 10-20 mins at the end along with 2 other models only leaving enough time for a few quick single shots. I knew that I must not leave the shoot without some shots from this absolutely incredible photographer! Whilst at the shoot the other togs kept asking "have you shot with San yet?

You have to!" and discussing how great his work was! I don't think there was one single person at the shoot who wasn't in absolute awe at his breathtaking work!

He is incredibly talented and I would highly recommend him to other models and togs. You simply must jump at the chance to work with him, he would be a credit to your portfolio

Sanjeev Verma