Matthew Nutting

San Osho (CocTales) a kind, polite gentleman who's skill in Photography & lighting is amazing.

My first introduction to San's talents was attending one of his workshops in the Pit Studio, Nottingham.

On booking my place, he gave all attendees homework leading up to the shoot! This was to gain ideas to stage 4 of the '7 Sins', along with props we needed to bring on the day. He even gave us examples to try and recognise our style of photography in which we use to best understand our vision for the shoot.

Joined by 3 gorgeous female models, hair, make up artists and dress designers, we got to work ..

With San's expertise throughout the day I'd learn so much and very pleased to say my images had the 'Wow" factor and felt my photography had taken a major step in the right direction using his techniques.

I've had the pleasure in meeting San on several occasions, during his workshops, attending private shoots and on one occasion, booking him for a days tuition along with a model. Again, outstanding!!

In a nutshell ... A very talented man who I would highly recommend to anyone ..

Thanks San for your friendship and knowledge .. your a legend .

Sanjeev Verma