A Management leader by the day and . . . .

A Photographer and an Actor by the night (and weekends)

A fine art photographer, influenced and inspired by the masters from the renaissance period and some relatively modern cinematographers

My images are about stories and people. I have been a photographer for almost 10 years and i offer photography services in the genre of portraiture, fashion, portfolio, fine art canvases, movies and album covers. I am venturing into pre-wedding and commercial photography as well, albeit in my unique fine art style.

Storytelling is the key component of my images. The work of the renaissance masters is spellbinding not only because of the quality of the visuals, but also for the conceptualization of the stories they were painting. Engaging and creating stories, which are unique and personal to the people i photograph, is a pivotal part of the process of my imagery.

I work with families, individuals, creative directors, film/ theater production teams and fashion houses  to create fine art, story based images.

The images in my gallery are all conceptualized, designed, styled, photographed and edited by me. My typical photography project would be, to develop creating a visual story based on in a set of 5-7 images.

My images have been published in various magazines and forums. Had a 10 page spread in an international magazine, Dark Beauty (issue no 41 and 49. Link below). Had one of my images Vogue (Italy) stamped. Also published in Creative Portraits Magazine (3 issues); Shooters Magazine (issue 14 and the latest one now) and Gorgeous Freaks magazine (issue 38) and got many of my pictures on the cover / features of online photography communities

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